Our services for companies

Implementing your individual Blue Ocean growth strategy

Your objectives:
  • to open undiscovered sources of income in fiercely-contested markets
  • to establish a position in newly-emerging markets of the future, by means of unique product-offerings
  • to generate greater customer benefit while simultaneously reducing complexity and costs

  • The support we provide:

    We impart the Blue Ocean strategy framework to you and to your team in an easily-accessible way, guiding you as you progress with our approach, an approach that is proven in practise. In doing this, we make avail of our continually-developing "Blue Ocean Strategy Roadmap". This project process consists of five activities that we adapt individually, depending on your particular situation:

    1Analysis of your market position
    Based on the ꞌvalue curvesꞌ instrument of Blue Ocean strategy, used to deduce new strategic directions to advance into.
    2Creative workshops
    With special techniques of thinking and inspirations, used for looking beyond the borders of one’s own business sector and for creating the first Blue Ocean ideas.
    3Co-creation interviews
    Used to immerse oneself in the lives of customers and non-customers and thereby gain insights as the basis for new ideas.
    4Visial fair
    Used for presenting elaborated concept presentations of ideas that are richest in potential to select customers.
    By means of the Lean Start-Up Method for introducing the new solutions to the market in a flexibly responsive way that spares resources.
    Our promise to you:
    • Development of a unique growth strategy for rapidly opening-up new areas of potential
    • A market orientation brought to life by intensive sparring and co-creation, with customers and non-customers
    • Transfer of know-how, achieved by our proven-in-practice Blue Ocean Strategy application, one that is fun for your team and that enables you henceforth to make use of frameworks for thinking and specific tools on an independent basis
    • A strengthening of your image as an innovation-leader among your stakeholders
    • Passionate commitment from us as your Blue Ocean experts, steering you through the process with the skill born of experience, and burning with the desire to make a valuable contribution together with you

    Dive into
    the blue ocean now!

    We are offering you a free-of-charge ʺBlue Ocean Strategy Mini-Workshopʺ.

    Get to know us and the inspiring Blue Ocean Strategy framework, in just two hours. We jointly apply Blue Ocean tools to tackle a current challenge faced by your business, generating the first, usable results for you.

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