Christian Sauer

My strengths include building brands out of companies and sending them into the digital fast lane.

  • More specifically: I have analysed, advised and strategically partnered with 50 medium-sized companies as well as start-ups on their way to creating a holistic brand presence. My expertise include company branding, web presence, photo, film, 3D, social media strategy and digital customer acquisition.
  • I consider myself a pioneer in the German digital industry and have already designed and built websites when most German industries had little exposure to the Internet.

Through my past 20 years of experience in digital marketing management consulting, I have built up and successfully sold a design agency consisting of ten employees and am currently a member of Blue Ocean Strategy Partners in Munich through my agency Sauer Marketing

My professional Blue Ocean…
... is my extensive knowledge of the digital business world and my constant hunger for new inspirations and challenges including: Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Process Mining, Cloud Services and all future technologies that will make the German economy digitally competitive in the coming decades.

My personal Blue Ocean…
... is communicating with people. I strive to explain complex topics in a way that both my little niece and my retired father can understand. I regularly inspire family and friends with my enthusiasm for exciting future technologies and never run out of topics of conversation that can last for an entire evening.