Lucas Gorlesky

As the youngest member of Blue Ocean Strategy Partners, I have been on board since 2018. Already during my studies - Business Administration & International Management - I focused on management consulting.

The "departure for new shores" approach of the Blue Ocean methodology is reflected in the course of my studies, with one semester abroad in Spain and another one in China. As a creative and lateral thinking personality I feel very comfortable in the position of a Blue Ocean Consultant.

My professional Blue Ocean…
... lies in a self-designed success journal - the Fokus Journal, which since the beginning of 2020 has offered numerous people in my environment tangible added value in pursuing and achieving their goals. With the Fokus Journal as a companion, users feel encouraged to leave their personal Red Oceans behind and embark on a learning journey into the Blue Ocean of life. I see myself here as a provider of a sea chart for navigating the ocean current of everyday‘s life.

My personal Blue Ocean…
... lies in discovering, exploring and understanding foreign cultures. I am passionately at home in the world. During my travels I am particularly interested in visible and invisible cultural differences and their influence on the different areas of life. Openness, curiosity, courage, and agility are always part of my hand luggage.