Our services for start-ups

Further developing your idea so as to make it a successful Blue Ocean business model

Your goals:
  • to make your dream of freedom, self-reliance and entrepreneurial independence into a reality
  • to further develop your idea into a market-oriented and innovative business model (strategy, product, marketing/sales, organisation/processes, financial planning)
  • to prepare your new-company formation in a targeted way (legal issues, tax & accounting, notary-related and bank-related matters)

  • The support we provide:

    So you would like to convert your dream of freedom, self-reliance and independence into a reality and found a company? Our offer for start-ups is aimed at entrepreneurs like you. Thanks to our experience in conceptual work for business enterprises and our contacts with business partners, we are able to provide targeted and partnership-based support to you. As part of this, we offer you the following services (among others):

    1Sparring partner for the development and selection of ideas
    as well as support in obtaining information.
    2Elaborating your idea so as to make it a market-oriented business model
    using the help of selected Blue Ocean Strategy tools and many years of experience in such conceptual work
    3Targeted testing
    by designing and implementing qualitative-based and quantitative-based market research.
    4Finding sources of finance
    via contacts with venture-capital firms, crowd-sourcing platforms and other specialists on financing.
    5Building up a network spanning your entire value-chain
    via contacts with producers, distributors and potential cooperation partners.
    6Support in the implementation phase
    by means of ʺhands-onʺ management experience
    Our promise to you:

    Yes, as you would expect, we provide you with the support services described above as your professional partner, this goes without saying. Yet based on our own experience from start-up projects in which we provide consultative support or have a stakeholding, we know that many things often turn out differently than what was originally planned.

    That is why we guarantee you that, with us, you will have a fully-committed, entrepreneurially-focussed partner at your side. With us, you will make the most out of the potential that your business idea holds, putting this idea to work professionally and resourcefully.

    Dive into
    the blue ocean now!

    We are offering you a free-of-charge ʺBlue Ocean Strategy Mini-Workshopʺ.

    Get to know us and the inspiring Blue Ocean Strategy framework, in just two hours. We jointly apply Blue Ocean tools to tackle a current challenge faced by your business, generating the first, usable results for you.

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