Jewgeni Goranko

After graduating from my diploma in Industrial Design, I founded a consultancy firm and advised banks, SMEs and start-ups. I enabled them to create outstanding digital services and experiences from a user perspective. In around nine years of my professional work, I managed more than 100 projects: ranging from almost invisible but highly efficient optimization of user interfaces to entirely new and innovative customer services and business models.

What really drives me is creating products or services that solve people’s pains, needs and wishes, developing the corresponding business model and then actually filling these ideas with life by fostering their implementation. In the past two years, I am managing a start-up as a CEO and Co-Founder in the FMCG business. Hereby, I am responsible for the strategy, R&D, sourcing, operations, communication and design.

As a designer and entrepreneur, I can easily grasp what people want – and how these manifold needs can be seamlessly brought together with the expertise, objectives and competitive advantages of a company. These skills and experiences have been proven particularly useful with all topics that require out-of-the-box thinking and overcoming the business-as-usual attitude.

Being able to build on own practical experiences and not just the theoretical concepts on translating ideas into scalable processes by using proven lean and agile methods is indispensable for all questions regarding business design and opening up new business areas.

My professional Blue Ocean…

…comprises my intellectual freedom from traditional barriers, thinking patterns and internal logics that are often prevalent in large companies. Thus, I can support businesses in those areas in which companies have an operational blind sight on to identify new solutions to overcome seemingly insuperable obstacles and move successfully forward.

My personal Blue Ocean…
…involves my persistent curiosity on technology, culture, art, design and craftmanship and their underlying principles. I catch myself again and again how deconstructing a simple chair, understanding why it was designed precisely in this way and not any other and reflecting on whether and why this chair delights people can enthuse and captivate myself for hours.